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From NoOp <>
Subject Re: A moderator's view of this list [was: Re: I Hate Your Product]
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2012 01:08:03 GMT
On 04/01/2012 05:22 AM, Regina Henschel wrote:
> Hi,
> NoOp schrieb:
>> The moderated messages on this list provide two 'Delivered-To:' headers:
>> Delivered-To: mailing list
>> Delivered-To: moderator for
>> So until that bug is resolved (or the list software puts the moderator
>> header before the mailing list header), the Mozilla users will need to
>> go back to examining each header individually.
> I use Seamonkey, which is related to Thunderbird. I look for the text 
> "For additional commands, e-mail" in the body. That catches moderated 
> posts, because those have no footer. ( I'm not sure about it, but I 
> notice it in that way.) Some others are caught too, but you need not 
> examine _each_ header.
> Kind regards
> Regina

Hi Regina,

I use SeaMonkey as well:
Build identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:11.0) Gecko/20120312
Firefox/11.0 SeaMonkey/2.8
 - the code is the same code Thunderbird uses.

If you are referring to the signature from the OOo user list:
> To unsubscribe send email to
> For additional commands send email to
> with Subject: help
note that that this list doesn't use the same/similar. Also, the OOo
lists were 'hit-and-miss'; some posts didn't have the sig (unsubscribed
user or not), others did. So (IMO) that was/is an unreliable filter/flag.

Example: one of my posts to a moderated email (I responded because it
had '[moderated]' in the subject:

[School District - Licencing] was Re: [moderated]

There was no 'For additional commands send email' added to that post,
and I was very much subscribed. I also found that adding the following
(or similar) to any message that I cc'ed to an unsubscriber seemed to
help the poster understand that they had posted to a public mailing list:

Note: you have been cc'd on this response as you posted to an mailing list. Please reply only to users <at>
Additional information regarding this public mailing list is available
You have been cc'd on this reply as you have posted
to an open (OOo) mailng list. For further information
regarding OOo mailing lists, please see:
Please reply *only* to the list at

There were a few added variations that included how to read reponses on
the list archive, or I've lost my reponse template, so I
can't find added examples just now. The info was added to encourage the
unsub to reply back to the list rather than to me personally. That way
others could continue assisting if my reponse didn't work.

To unsubscribe, e-mail:
For additional commands, e-mail:

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