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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Hyperlink and Fontwork can be inserted into invisible layer in Drawing
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 08:38:01 GMT
Hi Yan Ji,

Ji Yan schrieb:
> Hi Regina,
>    Thanks for your reply, followed your suggestion I realized that the
> object(hyperlink or fontwork) was inserted into "Layout" layer which is
> visible layer. If make Layout layer invisible the hyperlink and fontwork is
> able to be inserted but cannot be seen in the slide.
>     Do you think the two objects should have same behavior to align with
> others?

It is already inconsistent for fontwork objects themselves. If you use
the fontwork gallery dialog, it is inserted. If you use the category in
the Gallery, inserting is not possible. So for fontwork I think, it
should not be possible to insert them.

There a further inconsistencies. If an invisible layer is active, the
classical drawing objects are set to 'disabled', but the custom shape
objects are still look useable.

So my suggestion would be, to set all kind of objects including the
'fontwork gallery' icon to 'disabled', if the active layer is invisible.

I think, that the hyperlink dialog should be consistent in itself too.
So either allow text and button kind or disallow boths, but not allow
text and disallow button. I prefer to disallow both.

All disabling should only affect GUI. It should be possible to insert
objects into invisible layers via macro.

Do you want to write a bug report?

Kind regards

> 在 2012年4月20日 上午5:57,Regina Henschel<>写道:
>> Hi Yan Ji,
>> Yan Ji schrieb:
>>   I'm confused with the behavior of Drawing editor while in invisible
>>> mode. Here is the thing,  drawing object cannot be inserted in the
>>> invisible layer, such as lines/rectangle/ellipse even a text box. But
>>> you can insert a text box via insert a hyperlink. Is that a bug? Same
>>> think happens to Fontwork. I think this should be blocked.
>> Please select the object and look into the status bar. There is a field
>> "Slide #/# (Layer)". Look whether the part "(Layer)" is really the hidden
>> layer or another visible layer, likely "Layout".
>> Kind regards
>> Regina
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