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From Michael Adams <>
Subject Autoresponder [was: A moderator's view of this list]
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2012 09:24:12 GMT
On Monday 02 April 2012 05:01, M. Fioretti wrote:
> On Sun, April 1, 2012 4:41 pm, Mike Scott wrote:
> > Actually, while I remember a disagreement, I'm not sure myself of
> > the details. I think it might have been about using some sort of
> > engine to guess a likely answer to unsubscribed queries - I
> > vaguely seem to recall you didn't approve:
> Yes, now I remember, thanks. I stepped in because you suggested a
> bayesian autoresponder, and I explained why in my opinion it
> wouldn't work in this case. But it was a purely technical
> disagreement, nothing personal. Heck, I was so happy to have found
> somebody else that didn't want to "send again to unsubscribed
> user"!. Anyway, it's all in the thread I posted yesterday.

I agree Marco. Among technically minded i see this issue failing often 
on the W3C Validator list where the Validator attempts to explain why 
a certain line of code does not meet a given (X)HTML standard. There 
are often involved, sometimes heated exchanges about wording of the 
auto responder. Any programmer knows error messages seldom tell you 
what is wrong, but often merely help with where to look. The 
auto-responder for newbies[TM] would be a far greater challenge by an 
order of magnitude. BEWARE Mike - There be dragons here... and you 
are crunchy and taste nice with tomato sauce.


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