Dear Sir
I am getting a problem each time I open the Open Office V3.3 program. I have attached a screen shot to this email, which I hope will make my problem clear to you.
Firstly, I would like to say that I used to have the file EnglishAstronomie21.pps [Please look at the attached file] but I deleted that file long ago! Nevertheless that file seems to be having a lingering effect on Open Office. I can only open Open Office by clicking onto "File not recovered yet”, underneath the word “Status” [see the attached screen shot], in order to highlight it, and then I have to press Enter on the keyboard twice.
Open Office, once opened, seems to work alright. However, it is very frustrating to go through the abovementioned process every time to just open the program. Would you please help me with this problem.
Your faithfully
Herbert Krenkel