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From NoOp <>
Subject Re: A moderator's view of this list [was: Re: I Hate Your Product]
Date Sat, 31 Mar 2012 22:21:42 GMT
On 03/31/2012 08:50 AM, Brian Barker wrote:
> At 16:15 31/03/2012 +0100, Mike Scott wrote:
>>And I've not found a way on the new list of seeing who's subscribed, 
>>and who not.
> Look for the header:
> Delivered-To: moderator for
> I trust this helps.
> Brian Barker

Brian, there is an issue with Mozilla users (Thunderbird and SeaMonkey)
and duplicate header filters:
[Filters not working for headers that can appear more than once (except
Received: header. if Received:, multiple headers are processed as

The moderated messages on this list provide two 'Delivered-To:' headers:
Delivered-To: mailing list
Delivered-To: moderator for

So until that bug is resolved (or the list software puts the moderator
header before the mailing list header), the Mozilla users will need to
go back to examining each header individually.

Opera users have a similar issue: if you add the 'Delivered-To:' header,
only the first 'Delivered-To:' (Delivered-To: mailing list is displayed in the header view.

So we're back to asking each user (or at least those using Mozilla
and/or Opera) to examine each full header to determine if the poster is
subscribed or not.

A few years ago, on the OOo list I proposed having the list software (or
moderator) add a '[Moderated]' tag in the subject header. Pretty much
every newsreader and email client can filter by Subject. A adding the
'[Moderated]' tag would eliminate the need to examine (or filter)
headers. Unfortunately, that suggested ended up in the dev/null bucket:

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