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From Larry Gusaas <>
Subject Re: I'd love your opinion on a question of FAQ style
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 03:44:12 GMT

On 2012-03-13 9:00 PM  Rob Weir wrote:
> This question came up on the other thread.  I'd be interested in
> knowing which style of FAQ you prefer:
> Example A:
> "Who is building Apache OpenOffice releases?
>   * In common with other Apache projects, work on Apache OpenOffice is
> performed by individual volunteers.
>   * Development is done a number of the original developers of
> in addition to community volunteers and developers from
> other projects derived from the OpenOffice codebase including IBM
> Symphony."
> or Example B:
> "Who is developing Apache OpenOffice?
> Like any other Apache project, work on Apache OpenOffice is performed
> by a diverse group of volunteers, from over a dozen countries.  We
> have participants who are brand new to the project as of last week.
> We also have many old hands, who have been involved with OpenOffice
> for a decade or more.  These volunteers work on coding, testing,
> documentation, websites, translations, marketing as well as other
> functions.  Some of our volunteers are listed here:
>    If you are
> interested in helping develop the next great version of Apache
> OpenOffice please take a look at our Getting Involved page
> ("
> Another set:
> Example A:
> "Where can I get updates to the copy of that I am running?
>     *  There have been no updates to binaries released
> for users since Oracle stopped development and there will be no
> patches to those earlier binary programs released.
>      * The project is currently preparing a new version of the code and
> it will be available through the website.
>      * Once Apache OpenOffice v3.4 is released, the project recommends
> you replace your installation with it.
>      * Again, there are developer versions available for testing purposes."
> and
> Example B:
> "Where can I get updates to the copy of that I am running?
>   * The latest release of is 3.3.  If you have that then
> you have the latest.  If you would like to extend the capabilities of
> your OpenOffice 3.3 you might take a look at the many compatible
> extensions ( and templates
> (  that are available.
> *   We are currently preparing a new release, Apache OpenOffice 3.4.
> When available, you can download it from the
> website.  If you want to be on a notification list for when Apache
> OpenOffice 3.4 is available for download, you can send an email to
> These two approaches, A and B, differ in tone, formality and
> information level.   Which do you think would be most useful to users
> seeking answers to their questions?
> -Rob

Example A. It is clear and concise. The other example is too verbose.


Larry I. Gusaas
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada
"An artist is never ahead of his time but most people are far behind theirs." - Edgard Varese

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