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From Mike Scott <>
Subject Re: A moderator's view of this list [was: Re: I Hate Your Product]
Date Sat, 31 Mar 2012 15:15:12 GMT
On 31/03/12 14:57, Rob Weir wrote:
> However, I think a user that is in this state is not best served by sending
> a note to this list.
> A) First, since the original poster is not subscribed to the list, he is
> not receiving any of the responses, unless he was explicitly copied on the
> response.

Which brings us back the point I've just read on this list (sorry, 
forget who) that it probably is a bad idea to routinely copy a poster 
when emailing the list -- yet an unsubscribed poster will then miss his 
answer(s). And I've not found a way on the new list of seeing who's 
subscribed, and who not. It's squaring the circle, and can be resolved 
(IMO) only by blocking unsubbed posters, or an automated system that 
let's them know what's happening.

> B) If the user does subscribe, they will likely soon be frustrated by
> unrelated questions and answers, but be unable to unsubscribe themselves
> without assistance.
> So we all want users to be able to resolve their issues, without
> unnecessary complications.  I think the support forums are a much better
> place for users to raise such questions.

But given that "clueless noobies" can find the list, how would they 
instead be redirected to a forum, where I agree they might be better 
served? Reading ability seems anything but a strong point for some, and 
if people are in an emotional state /before/ they look for AOO support, 
they're the more likely to miss advice on how best to get the help they 

That said, a ranting, raving and rude exposition of one's problem is 
never a good way to garner support, in any arena. One might expect that 
to be realized.

> What do you think?   What is the purpose of this ooo-users list compared to
> the support forums?  On some project communications we advertise both as
> equal support avenues for users to raise problems.  Is that what we should
> be doing?  In other words, what is the purpose of this list and how do we
> make that clear to users?

[deleted my fresh diatribe about forums. It's all been said before.]

More constructively, is there any way to arrange a gateway between list 
and forum, as for usenet? Then you'd get the best of both worlds.

Mike Scott
Harlow, Essex, England

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