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From tj>
Subject Re: Sent from Snipping Tool
Date Sat, 24 Mar 2012 02:47:26 GMT
On 3/23/2012 21:59, Kath wrote:
> To clarify, when I open the instructions to install the patch – I’m
> directed to click on Properties to get the options that are shown on the
> left. However, I have Windows Vista and what I get is shown on the
> right. I do not have the options that are indicated. So, I don’t know
> where to paste the file.
> Thank you for any help.
Hi, Kath,

Drew's advice is good, but here's some more, just in case.

The picture in the PDF shows an OO.o icon on the Start menu. If you 
don't have one there, it's easy to get one: just open any OO.o document, 
and close it again. Any type of OO.o document will do. The menu icon may 
show Writer, Calc, or whatever, but they will all get you to the right 

The next PDF picture shows the result of a right-click on the icon: the 
Properties tabbed dialog. Make sure you're on the "Shortcut" tab. Then 
follow the red arrow in the picture to the button and click.

The folder that opens should show the files in alphabetical order. 
Scroll down to find "unordfmi.dll", just to be sure you're in the right 

Then paste, in any of the several ways. You will get a "security 
authorization required" box. Click through as usual. Then, you're done.


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