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From "Girvin R. Herr" <>
Subject Re: section problem
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2012 21:50:53 GMT
Thanks for your response. 
Your grammar is fine.  I understand you perfectly.

Creating a 2-column page style would be good, but I want part of my page 
as single column.  I only want the table to be in a 2-column section so 
it flows without editing the data in the table.  So, that rules out a 
2-column page style.

The section creation works fine, but when I paste a table into that 
section, that is when things go wrong.  I think I read somewhere that OO 
uses the term "section" when referring to including other document parts 
into the main document.  That is probably useful when using a "Master 
Document".  I am not doing that.  My document is linear.  That "section" 
term may be what you are referring to when you say using sections is 
difficult.  The page "section" I am referring to is not all that 
difficult.  It is as simple as Insert -> Section from the top menu.  One 
time I created a section and couldn't figure out how to delete it.  
Since reading the Guide, I now know that a section can be "Removed" by 
Format -> Sections and selecting the section name and "Remove".  So 
adding a section isn't all that difficult.

Upon request, I sent my troublesome table to another user who is using 
OO 3.1.1 and he reports that he did not experience the problem I was 
with OO 3.3.0.  Therefore, this problem must be a bug in 3.3.0.

Since posting this problem, I discovered that if I save the bad 2-column 
section document and open it up later, the bad formatting clears up and 
the table looks fine.  Unfortunately, now it takes 6 minutes to save the 
10 MB document!
Thanks again for your help.

Fred Juan DIAZ wrote:
> Hi Girvin
>  I always try to avoid using  sections in OO because they aren't easy to use,
>  and because OO prefers a "style logic", especially if you need to do
> something on a whole page.
> ... so I won't bring you an answer using sections.
> Proposition : create your own page style with 2 columns
> for example, call it twocol or whatever you want
> then insert manually page jump with your twocol page style.
> This solution is easier to manage because the sections in OO don't
> work like sections in W$$d
> and because when you need a page style, you just have to insert the
> corresponding jump.
> other advantage : using styles in a doc make it lighter in bytes and
> faster to work with.
> hope this to be useful and excuse me for the grammar mistakes.
> Fred Juan Diaz
> ============
> Le 18 mars 2012 01:51, Girvin R. Herr <> a écrit :
>> Greetings,
>> I am using OO.o 3.3.0 [OOO330m20 (Build:9567)] under Linux.  I have an 85
>> page (so far) Writer document I am writing that includes a 4-page table
>> which I am trying to place into 2 columns in an area of the document.  I
>> only want the table in a 2-column format, not the text before and after the
>> table.  I inserted a 2-column "section" before the table, selected the
>> table, cut and pasted it into the new section and that's when strange things
>> happened.  The table starts out fine for the first 1.5 pages then, instead
>> of continuing into the 2nd column on that page, there are 4 "blank" but
>> unselectable phantom pages inserted before the remaining part of the table
>> continues in column 1 again.  These "blank" pages cannot be typed into nor
>> do they have the section's column separator lines down the center.  And yes,
>> they do print as blank pages.  Putting the cursor at the end of the last
>> cell of the table's first part, using the cursor keys to step to the next
>> cell, jumps over the "blank" pages to the beginning of the first cell of the
>> 2nd part of the table.  This "feature" effectively turned my 4-page table
>> into a 7-page table!  That is *not* the direction I wanted to go in to save
>> paper!
>> I tried this same procedure in a new document by copy-pasting the 1-column
>> table into the new document and following the same procedure to create the
>> 2-column table section.  Same result.  So it isn't something else in the
>> large, almost 10MB document.  This is either a bug or something I am doing
>> wrong.  I followed the procedure in the OpenOffice Writer Guide, Chapter 4 -
>> Formatting Pages; Using Sections for Page Layout.
>> Does anybody know what is going on here? Is this a bug? Is it a known bug?
>> Is there a work-around for this?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Girvin Herr
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