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From David B Teague sr <>
Subject Re: This list & how to unsubscribe
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2012 22:51:47 GMT


Some are not particularly sophisticated. They need help.

Yelling, telling them to read the instructions does NOT help. Recently I 
sent the following to a person asking how to unsubscribe. I recommend 
this approach rather than yelling or other unhelpful stuff.

I sent the following in a private message.

David Teague


<name of addressee>

I am a member of the list form which you are attempting to unsubscribe. 
That is how I got your email address and know you need assistance in 

No one on this list can unsubscribe you. You have to do this. I will 
describe how:

At the bottom of almost all messages, and at the bottom of the message 
distributed by the list in response to your request there are these 
lines that tell you how to unsubscribe:

On 3/16/2012 2:54 PM, <name> wrote:

> <I SNIPPED the message body>
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> To unsubscribe,
> For additional commands,

This says you send an email message */from the address at which you 
receive list messages,/*

The subject and body such a message are ignored, but you will be 
unsubscribed *IF you respond to the confirmation message that will be 
sent in response to your unsubscription message.

*With most email programs all you have to do is just reply to the 
unsubscrption confirmation message.

I hope this helps


On 3/16/2012 4:07 PM, Mike Scott wrote:
> On 16/03/12 19:08, Stuart wrote:
>> So... follow the instructions at the bottom of the email!
>> For goodness' sakes, people! Read the darn messages!
> Why? Much more fun to shout at people and demand they do something :-(
> Seriously though, this whole business of 'why am I getting these 
> emails' or 'please unsubscribe me' is a singularly long-standing 
> annoyance to those who're here for the more technical meat. The OO 
> users list historically has been inundated with meta-junk like this 
> followup (sorry!!), rather than the intended proper discussion 
> material. I've even known the list to be mail-bombed in protest by 
> someone who couldn't be bothered to unsubscribe himself.
> This list is about the only one I subscribe to; is the irrational 
> behaviour peculiar to OO list[s], or are other mail lists similarly 
> affected?
> And given that some people seem pathologically incapable of reading, 
> much less following, simple instructions, has anyone a cure?

nil significat nisi oscillat

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