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From "M. Fioretti" <>
Subject Re: A moderator's view of this list [was: Re: I Hate Your Product]
Date Sat, 31 Mar 2012 15:42:43 GMT

On Sat, March 31, 2012 5:28 pm, Rob Weir wrote:

> But for the people having problems, like with the previous thread, I don't
> think it is a religious issue.

of course it isn't. I agree! I was deliberately tackling a slightly
different issue: there are people who are willing to be support
volunteers, but only if they can work exclusively through email. Whether
AOO needs such people is another issue. My real point is not "ooo MUST do
support only/also via mailing lists". It is "IF support must be provided
(also) through mailing lists, please don't repeat certain errors".

> The autoresponder thing sounds interesting.  So you don't allow any
> non-suscriber traffic.  Any posts from non-susbcribers get an automatic
> response....

NO! Of course you can do that too, but: what I have been suggesting is
something else, much more flexible, without any manual reposting or
guesswork. I explained it several times since 2002 on the OOo lists, the
last one in this December 2011 thread (in which also Mike took part):

so I won't start from scratch now. Please take the time to read my
explanations in that short thread, and if after that there's some doubt,
don't hesitate to ask here for further clarifications.


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