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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: A moderator's view of this list [was: Re: I Hate Your Product]
Date Sat, 31 Mar 2012 23:19:32 GMT
Non-subscriber posts ARE moderated.

However, the moderators have limited options with regard to approving/rejecting posts.  One
can approve the message or reject it.  (A reason for rejection can be given but I have no
idea what is done with those.)

The moderator sees the message as an attachment to the moderation message.  It is possible
to reply to it in addition-to/instead-of allowing the post to go to the list.  

The problem is that all (the few, the proud, the irritable) moderators here receive the same
message for moderation approval/rejection.  The moderators can copy each other via the moderator
address so the others know the disposition, but it gets ungainly quickly.  

In moderating here, my job is done if I see that the post has already reached the list.  If
not, I check the submitted message mainly for spam to discard, including the occasional LinkedIn
connection request to the list.  I will not know whether another moderator has done the same
thing already.  

If the message is related to OpenOffice-lineage support, I approve it, allowing peer support
to do the rest.   

As this list becomes a bigger target for support requests/grievances/etc, human moderation
will break down under scale.

 - Dennis

PS: As the moderator of an unrelated private list, I regularly reply to non-spam requests
that I am not approving.  I copy the other moderators of that list so they know and so they
can provide more-specific responses if they wish.  However, this is a case where someone is
using the wrong list entirely and they need to know that there are other places to post their
problems/concerns.  That is, they need to come to a list like this one or find a forum.

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From: John Hart [] 
Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2012 15:37
Subject: Re: A moderator's view of this list [was: Re: I Hate Your Product]

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Non subscriber posts could be moderated before going to the list and 
responses could be tagged by respondents to be sent back to non 
subscribers if they were appropriate.

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