Due the technical problem, this is my presentation

I'm a new member and new follower. But not new in the project EducOOo

I work with E.Bachard on the project EducOOo (OpenOffice Education).

I have 39 years and i'm a french guy living and working in Belgium for the
Education in "Communauté francaise" (or Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles).

I hope to become a representative for AOO in Belgium, if you want???

I am really tired of this information that makes LibreOffice.

see this info:


http://blog.documentfoundation.org/2012/02/02/fosdem-preview/ (in english)

Could we not do the same for Apache OpenOffice

thanks for your attention and sorry for my english


Sylvain DENIS

ICT & FLOSS Specialist

RSRSi (Responsable Sécurité et Risques des Systèmes d'information)


Gsm: +32 499 219 802
Website: http://www.sylvain-denis.be

La route est longue mais la voie est libre

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