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From Mike Scott <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL]
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2012 09:04:02 GMT
On 13/02/12 21:27, James Knott wrote:
> Why not just enable multiple keyboards and select the one you need? For
> example, I enabled the International English keyboard and can use
> characters such as these: áéúüó

Can I point out please what seems to have been missed, but I think James 
has implied? Special character entry is really an OS issue, not an 
application problem, and is properly addressed at that level. Yes, 
clearly you can work round it using OOo's auto-correct or macro 
facilities - but then you have to get idiosyncratic workarounds for 
other applications too, and end up with a right old mess.

By way of example of a better possibility, a quick check on ubuntu shows 
a package called 'gok' which appears to be an on-screen keyboard of 
programmable layout. (Not that I've tried it!) No doubt there are 
windows equivalents.

Mike Scott
Harlow, Essex, England

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