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From Michael Reich <>
Subject Where Do Base Reports Store The Desired Query?
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 22:33:32 GMT
I've been using a Base database for my stamp collection and each year, I 
copy the previous year's report structure to a new object for the 
current year.  At the same time, I copy/edit the previous year's Query 
to a current year query, and edit it to reflect selection of the current 
year (YYYY) for the query.   The query then selects the right records.

However, each year I struggle with updating the report format so it 
knows to use the most current query to produce the report.   I have no 
idea how I managed to edit the previous report structures to do what I 
want, but I did.   Unfortunately, I'm stuck this year and can't get the 
report for 2012 to show the 2012 records (it shows the 2011 records, 
because the 2012 query was a copy of the 2011 query).

I don't know why OO has to be as obtuse as it is in making such a basic 
edit in a report definition, but I can't find it.   How do you edit a 
report to change the query it should use (where is this setting 
hidden)?  Can someone point me in the right direction to make this 
edit?   Thanks for any help!

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