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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: AOO Dev versions - About + copy & paste
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 04:46:43 GMT
The download page shows the Revision Number (r-number) of dev snapshots.  That is how they
can be known.  This reflects the state of the SVN repository when the developer snapshot was

If you use the r-number, e.g., "r1243392" in a bug report, along with the platform and particular
snapshot type (full set, language pack, SDK, etc.) it will be understood which snapshot exhibits/confirms
the defect.  

Alternatively, simply use the full URL of the download.  That has complete information built
into it.  That is the most reliable identifier at this time.

There are difficulties getting this all into the code base the way NoOp requests so the previous
OOo-dev milestone is being used until that is all tidied up.   (These *really* are developer
snapshots.  They are not pre-releases, not even release candidates.  These are periodic builds
that confirm the code being worked on still builds and are available for whatever testing
folks decide to provide.  

The process will be improved in stages.  Having the About page be selectable for copy and
paste is a great bug to report if it is not already in the Bugzilla.  

 - Dennis

-----Original Message-----
From: NoOp [] 
Sent: Sunday, February 19, 2012 19:01
Subject: AOO Dev versions - About + copy & paste

In another thread Andrea Pescetti was kind enough to provide a link to
the AOO dev versions:

> Subject: Re: Older releases
> On 16/02/2012 Sunil Amitkumar Janki wrote:
>> > I would also gladly test prerelease versions of
>> > Apache OpenOffice 3.4.0 to see if the bug is still there.
> Just in case you don't know where to find them... Pre-releases (dev 
> snapshots, actually) are available at and are 
> usually updated on Mondays-Tuesdays and announced on the -dev list. They 
> can be installed without replacing your existing installation.
> Regards,
>    Andrea.

So I head over to the link and download:
I've just installed over my earlier OOo-Dev version & nothing has broken
(yet). However, if I wish to copy and paste the version information from
'Help|About OOo-dev' (should be changed to 'About AOO-dev) I cannot do
this. Instead I need to manually type the information:

OOo-dev 3.4.0
OOO340m1 (Build:9586)
2012-02-13 09:12:00 (Mon, 13 Feb 2012) - Rev. 1243392

Or... because I know where to find it, I try:

$ cat /opt/ooo-dev3/program/versionrc
UpdateUserAgent=<PRODUCT> (${buildid}; ${_OS}; ${_ARCH};

Note that the "2012-02-13 09:12:00 (Mon, 13 Feb 2012) - Rev. 1243392"
isn't included there... so where exactly is it?

Please at least provide the ability to copy & paste the information from
'Help|About OOo-dev' so that it is easy to report the exact(?) version.

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