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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject Apache OpenOffice issue #118968
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 00:10:03 GMT
I saw your issue about tabbed layout in Writer not being preserved when the document is saved
in HTML format:   

You are correct.  Writer does not preserve layout produced by tabbing when it saves a document
as HTML.  You are also correct that Microsoft Office Word does preserve such layout, and that
layout (along with many other features of the original document) is also recovered when such
an HTML document is re-opened in Microsoft Office Word.

You might consider reporting this as a feature request, rather than as a defect.  

I am not hopeful, however.  The Microsoft Word approach is very specific to Microsoft Office
(being used to preserve Excel and PowerPoint layouts too).  Although an OpenOffice Writer
will open the Word-produced .HTM file with the tabbed-layout preserved, it doesn't recover
it as tabbed-layout.  

The successful recovery of the layout by Word depends on extensive Microsoft Office custom
features grafted into the HTML as specially-recognized [X]HTML comments.  These are specific
to Office and not covered by the HTML specifications. It is likely unreasonable to expect
OpenOffice to attempt to use the Microsoft-specific approach here.  It would certainly require
extensive work on the part of volunteer OpenOffice developers.  I don't doubt that undertaking
such a task will be found objectionable on several grounds, including the impact on the size
of the resulting HTML document.

 - Dennis

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