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From Mike Scott <>
Subject Re: Impress with presenter console hangs
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 18:26:47 GMT
On 16/12/11 16:08, Andre Fischer wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry for my late answer. I should read this list more regularly.

No apology needed, but thanks.

> On 08.12.2011 21:32, Mike Scott wrote:
>> (OOo 3.2/XP on an acer 5601 laptop)
>> Puzzling. I've had OOo and the presenter console on my laptop for
>> quite some time - used to work very smoothly to run on two screens.
>> However, now I find it hangs completely, and has to be killed with
>> task manager. It gets part way through the first (dissolve) slide
>> change, and just stops; totally dead, at which point the primary
>> screen shows the console elements; the second screen shows the
>> part-dissolved picture.
> The reason for this is a bug triggered by the dissolve effect.
> Technical reason: the rectangles are joined into one polygon (with many
> loops) that then acts as clip boundary for the part of one slide that is
> blended into the other. The rectangles form a regular grid and therefore
> have common edges and points with their neighbors.
> For the algorithm that joins the rectangles this (the common edges and
> points) is a special case that it can not handle very well. The result
> is an infinite loop and the hang that you have observed. It happens not
> always but often.


> I am afraid that there is no simple solution for this, except not using
> the dissolve effect.

About the only thing I didn't try was changing the transition type. 
Hmmm. The weekend's come and gone, and I used LO (which worked, albeit 
with an odd short pause during the dissolve). But I'll see if changing 
the transition helps - useful to know for next time.


Mike Scott
Harlow, Essex, England

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