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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: spam, I assume?
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 16:20:30 GMT
I suppose if you're this surprised to see it, then it would be 
considered spam!   In any case, the email you got has nothing to to with 

This year, Oracle has donated the registered trademarks and domain names 
associated with to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), 
along with providing a Software Grant Agreement licensing the majority 
of the source code for the product under the permissive 
Apache License to the ASF.

The linked article on ITWorld is a very important read.  Team OpenOffice 
e.V. is an organization in Germany of developers who had worked in the 
prior project that Sun/Oracle ran in the past.  Team e.V. has no relationship with the ASF nor with the Apache 
OpenOffice podling, and any statements that they make that imply 
ownership or control currently of the domain or software 
product should be disregarded.

As you can see right here on the ooo-users@ list and elsewhere, the 
Apache OpenOffice podling - undergoing Incubation here at the ASF - is 
doing well and is moving forward at creating some great new software 
based on the code that millions have used in the past, 
and plan to create a new product to be called Apache OpenOffice quite soon.

In particular, users should know that any financial donations they may 
choose to make to Team e.V. have no bearing or 
relationship to the current product, and are completely 
unrelated to the workings of the ASF or the Apache OpenOffice podling.

Users who are interested in supporting future Apache OpenOffice 
development - or even better documentation, support options, or other 
features on the domain are welcome to either participate 
in the Apache OpenOffice project - just ask your questions or send 
suggestions to the mailing list - or are welcome to make a donation to 
the ASF as a whole at:

Since the ASF and the Apache OpenOffice podling plan to maintain the domain and legacy of a great end-user product for the 
foreseeable future, I find it hard to understand why Team 
e.V. continues to insinuate that is dying, and continues 
to mislead consumers as to the current owner of the 
brand: the ASF and the Apache OpenOffice podling.
This is especially disturbing given that they're using the good name of 
a new Apache podling in a fundraising effort for their own coffers.

Thanks for the report of this (spam) email!

- Shane Curcuru
   Apache OpenOffice Mentor
   Vice President, Brand Management, The Apache Software Foundation

On 2011-12-16 10:42 AM, Mike Scott wrote:
> On 16/12/11 14:59, Mike Scott wrote:
>> I assume the mail I've just received, subject text "only a few more
>> days!", is spam. It starts:
>> "Team e. V.
>> This is the happiest time of the year!
>> Christmas time with Team – gifts included!
> .....
> Apologies for following up my own mail. I had one off-list reply to the
> effect that "I would be rather surprised if this was not totally ok. Now
> that Oracle has got out, another organization needed to be created, and
> thesis it." (Please, everyone, can stuff be kept on-list unless there's
> good reason otherwise?)
> However, I've also found the web page
> (mind the wrap) which is an interesting read.
> Since the email was sent direct to me, not via any subscribed list, I
> guess it is spam, pure and simple. I'm forwarding a complaint to the
> relevant ISP.

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