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From Andre Fischer <>
Subject Re: Impress with presenter console hangs
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 16:08:42 GMT

sorry for my late answer.  I should read this list more regularly.

On 08.12.2011 21:32, Mike Scott wrote:
> (OOo 3.2/XP on an acer 5601 laptop)
> Puzzling. I've had OOo and the presenter console on my laptop for 
> quite some time - used to work very smoothly to run on two screens.
> However, now I find it hangs completely, and has to be killed with 
> task manager. It gets part way through the first (dissolve) slide 
> change, and just stops; totally dead, at which point the primary 
> screen shows the console elements; the second screen shows the 
> part-dissolved picture.

The reason for this is a bug triggered by the dissolve effect.

Technical reason: the rectangles are joined into one polygon (with many 
loops) that then acts as clip boundary for the part of one slide that is 
blended into the other.   The rectangles form a regular grid and 
therefore have common edges and points with their neighbors.
For the algorithm that joins the rectangles this (the common edges and 
points) is a special case that it can not handle very well.  The result 
is an infinite loop and the hang that you have observed.  It happens not 
always but often.

I am afraid that there is no simple solution for this, except not using 
the dissolve effect.

Best regards,

> I've removed both OOo and java and reinstalled those plus the console 
> .oxt file. No change. I can only assume some OOo update since the last 
> use has killed things somehow.
> Disabling the presenter console allows Impress to operate correctly.
> FWIW LO with the presenter console running under linux Mint 11 on the 
> same laptop works.
> Any ideas please? I could really use this over the weekend......

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