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From Dave Babcock <>
Subject Re: DDE linked cells fool the "=0" test, and dismay paintbrush
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2011 17:58:40 GMT
On 12/13/2011 9:38 AM, Manuel Andres Ramirez wrote:
> El 11/12/11 21:33, Dave Babcock escribió:
>> OO 3.3.0, on Vista.
>> I have an array A1:Z55, populated by link from a different 
>> spreadsheet. The cells there are all formatted to not show 0 in empty 
>> cells (# format code).
>> Entries transfer correctly, etc, and math, text, all work well.
>> Except that if I do:
>>         IF(A3=0;this;that)
>> it always does the "that", /even if /the originating cell is empty or 
>> has a value of zero. Thus,
>>        IF(A3=0;"";57/A3)
>> will return a divide-by-zero error if A3=0, instead of giving a blank 
>> cell.
>> I have two workarounds:
>> -don't use the # in number format.  Not acceptable for various reasons.
>> -add a transparent operation, viz:    IF(A3=0;"";57/(A3*1))    This 
>> works, but is hokey.
>> Am I missing something?
>> AND, this same block of linked data makes the format paintbrush go a 
>> little crazy.  Maybe it has to, by some odd quirt of the DDE process. 
>> Cells can be formatted individually, but not by using the paintbrush.
>> Ol' Bab
> Dave,
> Try use the function value(), like this IF(VALUE(A3)=0;"";57/A3).
> Maybe the if function don't recognize the value in A3, because it is 
> inside a matriz DDE.
> Regards.
VALUE() returns error code 502, invalid argument.

I realize that what I'm really asking is SHOULDn't this be flagged (or 
entered or whatever) as a bug?
Imagine a newbe trying to use DDE...

Ol' Bab

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