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From drew <>
Subject Re: Subscribe and Describe an undocumented attribute of OpenOffice
Date Sat, 31 Dec 2011 20:32:42 GMT

On Sat, 2011-12-31 at 14:07 -0600, Richard wrote:
> There is something wrong with the "Subscribe" function you have listed.

I suppose you mean: You try to subscribe and you do not receive any form
of confirmation notification, yes?

You must verify your registration, the most common error is that the
verification email to your address ends up marked as spam and in your
email readers junk folder (or some similar folder name).

Have you checked for that by any chance?

> Richard Rowe
> I have tried to get a modern program to convert old Wordstar files. The older versions
of ms word had a converter available, but this is no longer the case. I use an up to date
version of OpenOffice which neatly converts the files with all the formatting. However, the
Help file doesn't document this very important ability. I have been in desktop computing since
the early nineteen eighties and occasionly require downloading some of the old text files
that were saved in archaic formats. 

OK - well, it sounds like you know how to use the feature, yes? And the
fact that it's not documented well would be nice to thing to fix,
agreed. (I'll assume it's not)

So..would you like to see about helping out with the folks that keep the
documentation (including help files) up todate? I'm sure they would
appreciate the help.

Best wishes for the New Year,


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