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From Robert Funnell <>
Subject Re: Export as PDF
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2011 13:52:40 GMT
Exporting a selection with zero margins is very useful - if non-zero 
margins are desired, you can add an invisible rectangle of the desired 
dimensions and include it in the selection. An alternative would be to 
have margin settings in the export dialogue. (These ideas were 
inspired by Inkscape.)
- Robert

On Mon, 14 Nov 2011, floris v wrote:

> I see what you want, but that's impossible to implement in a way that's 
> useful for many people. Because - what's a narrow margin? Nobody will 
> probably agree on ideal values for margins, and so you might, even if 
> something like it were implemented, often end up with a PDF with margins that 
> are either too wide or too narrow.
> Op 14-11-2011 13:11, Martin Hediger schreef:
>> Yes, thats probably an option. What I was hoping for was a PDF where only 
>> the selected elements were present, possibly with some kind of small margin 
>> of white space. If I draw a 5cm square and export it to PDF because i want 
>> to include it as a graphics in LaTeX, its not very likely to find a paper 
>> format for exactly that shape, that's why I'm asking. At the moment, I need 
>> to reopen every drawing in Mac OS X Preview and manually cut/paste the 
>> selection to a new file. Doing it once is ok, but several times gets 
>> inconvenient, so I thought there's a smarter way of doing it.
>> Am 14.11.11 11:11, schrieb floris v:
>>> Op 14-11-2011 10:33, Martin Hediger schreef:
>>>> Dear List
>>>> I wonder how I can export a selection from and .odg drawing to PDF. When

>>>> I select a number of elements in the drawing, I choose File->Export as

>>>> PDF, and in the following Dialog I check "Selection". However, I always 
>>>> end up with a DIN A4 page with the selected elements.
>>>> Is there anything else required to get only the selected elements into 
>>>> the PDF?
>>>> Thanks for any hints.
>>>> Martin
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>>> What's the problem? Your selection gets converted to PDF with otherwise 
>>> default settings. If you want a different page size, you may have to copy 
>>> the selection to a blank document and set the paper size and any other 
>>> options to what you want before exporting.
>>> peter aka floris v
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