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From floris v <>
Subject Re: Problem with discarding hunspell
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2011 21:25:23 GMT
Thank you for clearing that up.
Peter aka floris v

Op 16-11-2011 22:23, Ariel Constenla-Haile schreef:
> Hello Floris,
> On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 10:03:13PM +0100, floris v wrote:
>> There's apparently an effort to discard hunspell because of a
>> license issue.
> there is no issue with the Hunspell libraries (libhunspell, libhyphen,
> libmythes), see
> The issue is with the dictionaries, their license status is very hard to
> specify: in some cases, the original authors hold some license, the
> people that made later modifications/improvement other license; there is
> a case where the authors signed the SCA but this is only valid for their
> addenda, not for the original work (but how con you separate both?),
> etc. etc. etc. I started analyzing the license status but gave up:
>> Now hunspell is used widely and has been much
>> improved as compared with ispell and aspell.
>> - a part of the Dutch "open
>> language foundation" website is explained how much effort - and even
>> money - went into improving hunspell. I wonder if the developers
>> will improve aspell or ispell to include those additions so that the
>> efforts of hunspell based dictionary builders won't be in vain as
>> far as OOo is concerned.
> The Hunspell functionality won't change at all, there is no license
> issue with the three Hunspell libraries, so AOOo will still use then.
> And dictionaries are extensions, dictionary extension developers can
> continue their work, AOOo user will be able to download and install
> their dictionaries as usual (nothing will change in this aspect); the
> problem is if dictionary extension can be *included* in an AOOo release.
> Regards

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