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From Martin Hediger <>
Subject Re: Export as PDF
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2011 14:54:30 GMT
I was referring to what you correspond to in your first option, indeed 
how to set the margin in the "Export as PDF" dialog of Openoffice Draw. 
However, I just checked, I cant seem to see anything indicating 
something like "margin" in that dialog.

Am 14.11.11 15:31, schrieb Robert Funnell:
> Martin, I'm not sure exactly what your question is.
> The answer would be Yes if you mean which Draw dialogue such margin 
> settings might be in.
> The answer would be No if you mean which Inkscape dialogue I'm talking
> about. Inkscape has Save as PDF, not Export as PDF, and doesn't have 
> exactly what I suggest.
> - Robert
> On Mon, 14 Nov 2011, Martin Hediger wrote:
>> And thats in the "Export as PDF" dialog?
>> Am 14.11.11 14:52, schrieb Robert Funnell:
>>> Exporting a selection with zero margins is very useful - if non-zero 
>>> margins are desired, you can add an invisible rectangle of the 
>>> desired dimensions and include it in the selection. An alternative 
>>> would be to have margin settings in the export dialogue. (These 
>>> ideas were inspired by Inkscape.)
>>> - Robert
>>> On Mon, 14 Nov 2011, floris v wrote:
>>>> I see what you want, but that's impossible to implement in a way 
>>>> that's useful for many people. Because - what's a narrow margin? 
>>>> Nobody will probably agree on ideal values for margins, and so you 
>>>> might, even if something like it were implemented, often end up 
>>>> with a PDF with margins that are either too wide or too narrow.
>>>> Op 14-11-2011 13:11, Martin Hediger schreef:
>>>>> Yes, thats probably an option. What I was hoping for was a PDF 
>>>>> where only the selected elements were present, possibly with some 
>>>>> kind of small margin of white space. If I draw a 5cm square and 
>>>>> export it to PDF because i want to include it as a graphics in 
>>>>> LaTeX, its not very likely to find a paper format for exactly that 
>>>>> shape, that's why I'm asking. At the moment, I need to reopen 
>>>>> every drawing in Mac OS X Preview and manually cut/paste the 
>>>>> selection to a new file. Doing it once is ok, but several times 
>>>>> gets inconvenient, so I thought there's a smarter way of doing it.
>>>>> Am 14.11.11 11:11, schrieb floris v:
>>>>>> Op 14-11-2011 10:33, Martin Hediger schreef:
>>>>>>> Dear List
>>>>>>> I wonder how I can export a selection from and .odg drawing to

>>>>>>> PDF. When I select a number of elements in the drawing, I choose

>>>>>>> File->Export as PDF, and in the following Dialog I check 
>>>>>>> "Selection". However, I always end up with a DIN A4 page with

>>>>>>> the selected elements.
>>>>>>> Is there anything else required to get only the selected 
>>>>>>> elements into the PDF?
>>>>>>> Thanks for any hints.
>>>>>>> Martin
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>>>>>> What's the problem? Your selection gets converted to PDF with 
>>>>>> otherwise default settings. If you want a different page size, 
>>>>>> you may have to copy the selection to a blank document and set 
>>>>>> the paper size and any other options to what you want before 
>>>>>> exporting.
>>>>>> peter aka floris v
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