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From floris v <>
Subject Re: a wild conversion issue between OOo and Word
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2011 03:50:24 GMT
Op 9-11-2011 1:29, Dennis E. Hamilton schreef:
> THERE IS TOO LITTLE INFORMATION on what this was created with in the first
> place and where it showed up incorrectly.  And the sanitization process
> probably didn't help.
> I believe this issue was also discussed on LibreOffice lists.  An user created
> a cleaned up version that made it easy to see what kind of errors there were.
> If I remember the case, there were a variety of strange features that had rows
> with very tall column cells -- there was indeed a table) that seemed to
> disappear off the page, and it was easy to fail to notice there were
> additional pages when viewed in some applications and not others.
> FOR THE CURRENT PROBLEM: However the user thought they made this document, the
> .doc definitely has a table with two rows: the headings and then a really high
> row that spans 11 pages in Word 2010.  Word also reports that there are 32
> columns in the table, although it is clear that only 4 are used.  I think
> these columns are probably simply invisible because they don't fit anywhere
> and probably have nothing in them.  Also, there appear to be additional table
> cells in the visible columns, but they are not row breaks.
> As I said, I have seen this sort of thing before.  I think Noop (who even
> tested the behavior in a Word 97 on Windows 98) helped isolate the problem.
> What it looked like was a common-mode error in the OO.o import/export and/or
> something that has worked the way it does between all versions of Word from 97
> through to 2010.  I can find the test files, installed on my machine on
> 2011-09-11 but I can't find the e-mails any longer.  I will have to search in
> the LO mailing-list archives.  There was substantial analysis.  I must stop
> deleting that kind of thing from my mail folders.
> I'll keep looking.  My imperfect recollection is that it is clearly a
> conversion issue.
>   - Dennis
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> From: Peter Roelofsen []
> Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2011 10:07
> To:
> Subject: a wild conversion issue between OOo and Word
> Could someone have a look at the topic in the old forum:
> ?
> There's a doc file with four columns in it, extending over 13 pages when
> opened in Word 2002 - with many near empty columns. When you open the
> file in OOo (3.3.x or 3.4dev) it's reduced to some two pages, and
> content is also moved about rather randomly. The file is at
> if you don't want to peruse the
> entire thread.
> Thanks, floris v
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Thank you. It was, it seems, created with OOo and converted to Word. Why 
Word didn't have problems with it while OOo did is beyond me. Seriously. 
Of course it's always possible that the original poster was confused and 
really started it with Word and later switched to Writer, who knows. 
After all, she confused a table with columns.
Peter aka floris v

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