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From TJ Frazier <>
Subject Re: Calc Table Display Errors
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2011 22:54:37 GMT
On 11/3/2011 18:32, Terry wrote:
> Memory settings have been discussed on and on the new
> community forum.  A search should turn up suggested settings; I have
> seen it mentioned several times. I think you may have to experiment.
> This is one post on the new forum:
>  Two things seem clear.  First, reduce the number of undo steps (the
> default, I recall, is 100) to, say 21.  Secondly, increase the size
> of the graphics cache to, say, 128 MB.  Open Office does seem to be a
> memory hog; it certainly places a strain at times on my system and
> Andrew Pitonyak has mentioned that the odt version of his macro
> document causes OO to crash.  I have seen reference to "memory
> leaking" but don't know what that means.
> Terry
FYI:  --/tj/
> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: Martin Hediger<> To:
>> Cc: Sent: Thursday, 3 November 2011
>> 10:07 PM Subject: Re: Calc Table Display Errors
>> Hi The sheet is 31K in size. It only contains entries down to row
>> around 150 and columns to Z, around 50 URLs are in some cells, as
>> well as around 50 URLs to PDFs on my hard drive. I was thinking,
>> could it be that I'm not assigning the correct amount of memory?
>> This can be adjusted in the settings, i saw, but I cant find values
>> that help. I think I started to have this problem only once i
>> turned *off* anti-aliasing of fonts, because Openoffice Impress was
>> having trouble handling a large A0 poster.
>> Any ideas are very welcomed. Martin
>> Am 02.11.11 23:39, schrieb Terry:
>>> That sounds like a system problem rather than a software issue.
>>> Try
>> copying two sheets to a new file, then close all files and exit the
>> software. Then open the new file only and see whether the problem
>> occurs in the new file. It may be that you are placing too great a
>> load on your system.
>>> Terry
>>> ----- Original Message -----
>>>> From: Martin Hediger<> To:
>>>> Cc: Sent: Thursday, 3 November
>>>> 2011 3:24 AM Subject: Calc Table Display Errors
>>>> Dear List I have a Calc spreadsheet open where a number of
>>>> tables are used. However, it becomes hardly unusable, because
>>>> when I switch between two
>> tables
>>>> (using the tabs at the bottom of the windom), the values from
>>>> the "new" table are printed on top of the "old" values.
>> It becomes unreadable.
>>>> Also often when scrolling, values get "smeared" out all over
>> the
>>>> table. Its as if the value is printed to a new position but not
>>>> removed
>> from the
>>>> previous one.
>>>> What can be the reason for this? Any suggestions for how to
>>>> address
>> this problem
>>>> is very appreciated. I'm working with Mac OS X 10.5.8 and OO
>>>> 3.3.0 on a MBP.
>>>> Thanks for reading Martin <snip>

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