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From Martin Hediger <>
Subject Re: Question Restrict Cell entry to width of cell
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 11:54:01 GMT
Thank you very much for your comprehensive answer, Terry.
I will be going through it,


Am 02.11.11 11:26, schrieb Terry:
> You can do that three ways.  One is to format each cell.  I recommend that, instead of
re-formatting each cell, you create a new cell style because that will mean that there is
less formatting data for the file to hold.
> F11 will open the styles dialogue.  Right click on 'default' and select 'new'.  On the
first tab ('Organiser') give the new style a name.
> For what you want to do, the next tab you want is 'Alignment'.  You need to change the
horizontal alignment to 'filled', although I can suggest a different solution.  A suitable
name for the style could be 'hyperlink'.
> You can assign a shortcut key to the style (Tools>  Customise>  Keyboard).  Otherwise,
keep the styles dialogue open.  Select cells you want to alter and double click the name of
your new style in the dialogue.
> The third solution is to add a parameter to your hyperlink formula.  You can word a hyperlink
so that a name rather than the text of the hyperlink is displayed, for example:  =HYPERLINK("file:///data/data/office/work/DataLog.ods";"Datalog")
 I use a Linux OS so your wording may differ slightly.
> That is a hyperlink in one of my spreadsheets.  The text displayed is 'Datalog'.  I have
made other changes to the style to make the cell look like a button but you may not wish to
go that far.
> You have two choices (other than changing the formatting of each cell): 1. create and
apply a new cell style or 2. use the formula that results in a name for the hyperlink being
displayed rather than the whole formula.
> Terry
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>> Sent: Wednesday, 2 November 2011 8:17 PM
>> Subject: Question Restrict Cell entry to width of cell
>> Dear List
>> I have a Calc spreadsheet where in one column contains links to files on my
>> computer, so the entries are long in terms of number of characters. I dont need
>> to see the whole path all the time, and I wanted to know how I can adjust that
>> only the part of the path fitting into the column width is displayed. Seeing the
>> complete path is confusing and distracts me somehow.
>> Is it possible to adjust this?
>> Thanks for any suggestions.
>> Martin
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