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From Terry <>
Subject Re: Question Restrict Cell entry to width of cell
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 10:26:56 GMT
You can do that three ways.  One is to format each cell.  I recommend that, instead of re-formatting
each cell, you create a new cell style because that will mean that there is less formatting
data for the file to hold.

F11 will open the styles dialogue.  Right click on 'default' and select 'new'.  On the first
tab ('Organiser') give the new style a name.

For what you want to do, the next tab you want is 'Alignment'.  You need to change the horizontal
alignment to 'filled', although I can suggest a different solution.  A suitable name for
the style could be 'hyperlink'.

You can assign a shortcut key to the style (Tools > Customise > Keyboard).  Otherwise,
keep the styles dialogue open.  Select cells you want to alter and double click the name
of your new style in the dialogue.

The third solution is to add a parameter to your hyperlink formula.  You can word a hyperlink
so that a name rather than the text of the hyperlink is displayed, for example:  =HYPERLINK("file:///data/data/office/work/DataLog.ods";"Datalog") 
I use a Linux OS so your wording may differ slightly.

That is a hyperlink in one of my spreadsheets.  The text displayed is 'Datalog'.  I have
made other changes to the style to make the cell look like a button but you may not wish to
go that far.

You have two choices (other than changing the formatting of each cell): 1. create and apply
a new cell style or 2. use the formula that results in a name for the hyperlink being displayed
rather than the whole formula.


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> From: Martin Hediger <>
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> Sent: Wednesday, 2 November 2011 8:17 PM
> Subject: Question Restrict Cell entry to width of cell
> Dear List
> I have a Calc spreadsheet where in one column contains links to files on my 
> computer, so the entries are long in terms of number of characters. I dont need 
> to see the whole path all the time, and I wanted to know how I can adjust that 
> only the part of the path fitting into the column width is displayed. Seeing the 
> complete path is confusing and distracts me somehow.
> Is it possible to adjust this?
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Martin
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