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From Terry <>
Subject Re: Old OO.o Mailing Lists
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 09:52:25 GMT
Hi.  I have been following the ooo-dev list (not reading all emails of course) and there is
a current topic about shutting down the old mailing lists.  If you want an atom feed, this
is the link:

This is the an extract from the last email showing in my feed in Google Reader:

Let's get clear: 
1. If someone posts to one of the old e-mail list addresses (e.g.,, what is intended to happen?  What is the observed 
behavior?  How does this extend to use 
of -subscribe, -unsubscribe, -help, -owner (or their OO.o counterparts), etc. 
2. (a) If someone sends an e-mail to an existing account/e-mail address 
(e.g.,, what is intended to happen?  What does the 
individual that it current forwards to get to know or do about it?  The person 
sending the e-mail?  If the forwarding bounces, what will happen? (b) If the account is closed/deleted,
what are the 2(a) answers. [close quote]

My recollection is that an email was to be sent to the old lists telling people which new
list they could subscribe to.

This is an extract from the first email in the current thread on ooo-dev:
There are problems concerning migration of yourname@, listname@, and servicename@  Consequently, all yourname@ addresses will be shut down when the migration goes into its 
final stages sometime in November.
[close quote]

Regards, Terry

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> From: Mike Scott <>
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> Sent: Wednesday, 2 November 2011 7:17 PM
> Subject: Re: Old OO.o Mailing Lists
> On 02/11/11 07:09, Michael Adams wrote:
>>  Who now owns the website domain name?
>>  What i am really asking is, how easy would it be to set up a temporary
>>  forwarder for emails to a moderator from and
>> If you own the A record and the mail server
>>  it is easy.
> As you suggest, technically easy. But would it be desirable?
> There's already been quite a long notice period, and evidently people 
> haven't switched over -- providing a "temporary" forwarding 
> facility would only prolong the agony, as I reckon a goodly number of people 
> will switch when and only when they're forced to, and not before. I'd 
> rather see an autoreply from the old list address asking people to resubscribe.
>>  My main concern stems from the fact that together they still generate
>>  as much if not more mail/queries than this list.
> Maybe there's some doubt in some people's minds as to which is the 
> better list to get a needed answer from, so they stick to the tried and trusted. 
> Besides, I could name at least one sufferer of 'chronic novophobia' :-)
> -- Mike Scott
> Harlow, Essex, England
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