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From "Harold Fuchs" <>
Subject Re: Portable LibreOffice Conflict with OpenOffice
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 10:06:10 GMT

"Christoph Jopp" <> wrote in message
> Hello Harold,
>> I installed the new portable LO
>> ( on a USB
>> stick. When I try to run it, it complains that there is another copy
>> running. It seems that this is because OpenOffice's (non-portable)
>> Quickstarter is running on the machine. Of course, OOo's Quickstarter is
>> running for multiple users who happen to be logged on to the machine
>> (Win XP Pro) so, although I can kill mine, I can't kill the others.
> Following your description, this is a behaviour of LibreOffice - so it
> might be the wrong list you are asking on.
>> Is it right that a *portable* version should be prevented from running
>> by a mere office application (not anti virus or lock-down software or
>> parental control or anything similar) installed on the machine? Is it
>> right that a *portable* program should be prevented from running by some
>> process owned by another *non-admin* user? Is it right that LO is
>> interfered with by OOo? Or is at least one of these a bug?
> I might not know LibreOffice well enough, so consider the following as
> "wild guess" please.
> The interference seems to come from the big similarity of
> and LibreOffice.
> LibreOffice seems to use an unaltered method of to look
> for a running Office before running an installation (or starting a new
> instance). So LO is looking for a running version of itself and
> recognizes the running OOo as such version.
>> Why should I not be able to run LO and OOo at the same time on the same
>> machine?
> Nothing stands against it politically, but technically they are
> depending on too similar, if not the same, services, libraries ...
> But I fear, there's nothing Apache OpenOffice could do here and I think
> the vendor of the product you are trying to use would be the better
> place to ask for a solution.
>> Harold Fuchs
>> London, England
> Hope I could help you anyway
> Christoph Jopp

You are right, wrong group. Sorry.

Harold Fuchs
London, England 

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