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From Christoph Jopp <>
Subject Re: Portable LibreOffice Conflict with OpenOffice
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 10:04:05 GMT
Hello Harold,

> I installed the new portable LO
> ( on a USB
> stick. When I try to run it, it complains that there is another copy
> running. It seems that this is because OpenOffice's (non-portable)
> Quickstarter is running on the machine. Of course, OOo's Quickstarter is
> running for multiple users who happen to be logged on to the machine
> (Win XP Pro) so, although I can kill mine, I can't kill the others.

Following your description, this is a behaviour of LibreOffice - so it
might be the wrong list you are asking on.

> Is it right that a *portable* version should be prevented from running
> by a mere office application (not anti virus or lock-down software or
> parental control or anything similar) installed on the machine? Is it
> right that a *portable* program should be prevented from running by some
> process owned by another *non-admin* user? Is it right that LO is
> interfered with by OOo? Or is at least one of these a bug?

I might not know LibreOffice well enough, so consider the following as
"wild guess" please.
The interference seems to come from the big similarity of
and LibreOffice.
LibreOffice seems to use an unaltered method of to look
for a running Office before running an installation (or starting a new
instance). So LO is looking for a running version of itself and
recognizes the running OOo as such version.

> Why should I not be able to run LO and OOo at the same time on the same
> machine?

Nothing stands against it politically, but technically they are
depending on too similar, if not the same, services, libraries ...

But I fear, there's nothing Apache OpenOffice could do here and I think
the vendor of the product you are trying to use would be the better
place to ask for a solution.

> Harold Fuchs
> London, England
Hope I could help you anyway

Christoph Jopp

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