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From floris v <>
Subject Re: Weird behaviour of Ctrl+W resets file to state of one day earlier.
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2011 18:46:32 GMT
Op 17-10-2011 20:44, Hagar Delest schreef:
> Photorec is rather good and it should not take more than some minutes. 
> but my data are on separate partitions so perhaps the volume of 
> recoverable files is much smaller than a standard partition with all 
> temporary files.
> I experienced this only once under Xubuntu with an old version of OOo 
> (vanilla). Time stamp was fine (showing the last save date) but the 
> content was from the day before. I saw that once too in a forum. Not 
> sure if this is a problem with OOo or Ubuntu.
> Hagar
> Le lun. 17 oct. 2011 18:49:53 CEST, floris v <> a 
> écrit :
>> I got this report from a user at Problem: he had 
>> been working on his file for some days, saving his work about every 
>> time he changed something, much like I do, and making back-ups every 
>> day, much like I don't do. Then wanting to edit a lower case w to an 
>> upper case one he accidentally hit Ctrl+W instead of Shift+W, which 
>> closed the file without warning, and on reopening he found that the 
>> work of more than a day was lost.
>> Quote: "I am working on a laptop running Ubuntu linux 10.04 with OO
>> 3.2. I was saving the work to my hard drive in a directory within my
>> home folder. I back up all my work to a USB drive every day, and the
>> las time I had done such a back up was the day before. I also back
>> up to an external hard drive every week, which I had done the day
>> before also. Right now I am attempting to recovery the file from my
>> hard drive to my external hard drive using photorec, but the last
>> time I tried a recovery on a drive my size it took almost 32 hours
>> to complete. "
>> Is this a known bug or just sheer bad luck?
>> Peter aka floris v
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Can I quote that?

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