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From Robert Holtzman <>
Subject Re: Forum outage
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2011 18:12:07 GMT
On Sun, Oct 02, 2011 at 08:16:19PM +0200, Andreas S�ger wrote:
> Am 01.10.2011 22:13, Robert Holtzman wrote:
> >On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 07:47:31PM +0200, Andreas Säger wrote:
> >>Am 30.09.2011 18:35, Doug wrote:
> >>>If anybody cares, I *hate* forums. With a list, you get a bit of
> >>>everything,
> >>
> >>If it is an emotional question then it is about the end user's
> >>emotions rather than yours.
> >>End user support by mailing lists simply does not work. The
> >>acceptance is extremely low. Same with the overall quality of
> >>service due to the technical restrictions.
> >
> >Could you please expand on your objection to mailing lists?
> >
> Mailing lists are perfect when you have to be sure that a closed
> group of co-workers share the same information at any time.
> This has nothing to do with end user support.
> I know the mailing lists for end users of OOo since many years. The
> quality of service is very poor. Lots of wrong/missing/misleading
> answers, very high noise level, no screenshots, no search facility,
> no text formatting, not even decent hyperlinks and most importantly:
> no administration. Every piece of spam and bullshit has been copied
> to all subscribers when you read it, so there is nothing to move, to
> fix, to remove, which on the other hand makes a mailing list
> superior for closed work groups with a high level of liability.

The things you're ranting about, with the exception of screen shots,
have nothing to do with whether it's a forum or list. Screen shots can
be worked around on a list with the use of a pastebin. As far as
search facilities, it depends on what list. Some have exellent ones.
Every list I subscribe to has hyperlinks. 
> >
> >Again, could you please expand on your opinion?
> >
> On you won't find a single single spam
> posting, a single off topic thread, duplicate, unsubscribe rant,
> heavy trolling, meta-topic about using the forum, no violation of
> netiquette or forum rules that survives longer than one or two
> hours.
> Instead you can find the answers for hundreds of frequently asked
> questions with screenshots, hyperlinks, clearly structured and
> formatted tutorials and example documents.

Depends on the forum just as it depends on the list you're talking 

I have no idea what you're going on about. I think you're either a troll
or you just like to rant. Either way, be my guest.

Bob Holtzman
If you think you're getting free lunch, 
check the price of the beer.
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