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From "Harold Fuchs" <>
Subject Re: OOo Discuss List?
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2011 07:40:29 GMT
I sent the following yesterday. It didn't get through. A subsequent test 
message did get through so I'm trying this one again.

Harold Fuchs
London, England
"Harold Fuchs" <> wrote in message news:...
> Dennis,
> The Users list was designed for technical questions about how to use OOo 
> to achieve various effects whereas the Discuss list was more to do with 
> marketing type questions or ideas about possible enhancements or 
> comparisons between OOo and various other products or news about the use 
> of OOo in, say a [set of] Government office[s] somewhere. There was also 
> quite a lot of discussion about various standards (ISO etc.) that OOo and 
> other products did or didn't meet. I agree there was overlap but it was 
> quite small and many posters to Users were asked to re-post in Discuss and 
> vice versa. So I assumed this distinction would be carried forward. I 
> don't have strong feelings about it either way but, if there is to be a 
> separate Discuss-type list I'd like to know so that I can subscribe to it.
> Harold Fuchs
> London, England
> "Dennis E. Hamilton" <> wrote in message 
> news:SNT126-DS2092741F847BB62690F562DB0A0@phx.gbl...
> Hello Harold,
> The only public lists at the Apache incubator project right now are 
> ooo-dev (i.a.o) and this list, ooo-users @i.a.o. 
> They are both on GMane.
> No ooo-discuss list has been created here @i.a.o.  It was thought that the 
> posts overlapped so much that only one list (ooo-user) could serve both 
> needs.
> Please say more on why you think there needs to be a separate ooo-discuss 
> list?
> By the way: ooo-users IS NOT the OOo Users list.  OOo Users is still 
> running in the form you know it to be at  At the 
> moment, there is no proposal to preserve the current OOo Users list, nor 
> any of the others, including OOo Discuss.  Are OOo Users and OOo Discuss 
> not on GMANE already?
> - Dennis
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> From: Harold Fuchs []
> Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 12:03
> To:
> Subject: OOo Discuss List?
> The other day it was announced that the OOo Users list has been set up in
> the Apache incubator project and is available via Gmane.
> Is the OOo Discuss list also available via Gmane? Will it be? When, 
> roughly,
> please?
> Harold Fuchs
> London, England
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