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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: fate of OOo list archives
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2011 16:29:40 GMT
Mike is correct.  

The Archive interface for OO.o is at <> for
the English language lists.  The major NLP lists have similar counterparts.  

This is a rather nice interface, especially for casual users.  The archive pages provide a
way to reply to the list and to make new posts too.

Some of the lists are not being administered at the moment, resulting in the kinds of problems
Eric Bachard has been reporting.

Also, GMANE is apparently archiving many of the OO.o lists, including users@OO.o.

 - Dennis

-----Original Message-----
From: Mike Scott [] 
Sent: Saturday, September 03, 2011 08:40
Subject: Re: fate of OOo list archives

On 03/09/11 16:18, Rob Weir wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 11:13 AM, Mike Scott<>  wrote:
>> On 03/09/11 16:08, David B Teague sr wrote:
>>> On 9/3/2011 3:10 AM, Mike Scott wrote:
>>>> On 03/09/2011 01:49, Rob Weir wrote:
>>>> ....
>>>>> If you want more details on how the users list will work, I'd
>>>>> recommend you start a thread over there, since this
>>>>> list is soon going to disappear. As one of the list moderators, I'd
>>>>> be happy to answer any questions you might have.
>>>> Such as the fate of the OOo list archives - I'd not like to see them
>>>> lost. Are they being retained and moved over?
>>> I echo Rob's concern on the fate of the archives of the OOo lists, and
>>> express the hope that they will be retained somehow.
>>> --David Teague
>>> Double Bass in Fifths Tuning
>>> Obligato Strings for Fifths Tuning my favorite to date.
>> I asked the above on the 'old' OOo users list. Better placed here, perhaps.
>> So, will the old OOo list archives be kept or lost, please?
> The OOo lists are archived on MarkMail. Since that is not on an Oracle
> server it is not impacted by the migration.
> Do you see anything that is missing from here:
> If you see something as missing, shout out.  Otherwise, I think the
> archive is not a problem.

That's a different archive from that pointed to by the (old) OOo web 
page. In fact, I wasn't even aware of it..... learn something new every 
day. OTOH, as markmail seems to be an independent site, I do wonder how 
long those archives are guaranteed to be around.... I still regret the 
demise of dejanews. Perhaps better kept in-house, IMO.

But thanks for the clarification.

Mike Scott
Harlow, Essex, England

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