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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: fate of OOo list archives
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2011 16:03:37 GMT

I will put a version of this on the list too in response to your question there.

Over time, there will be more information on the project site, <>
and the Apache ooo project Community Wiki at <>.
 At the moment, there is no information on the site preservation/migration.
 We need to have more there.


 1. There is a desire to have fewer lists on the Apache ooo project site (@i.a.o).  
 2. For those lists on the current, live site (@OO.o), we recommend retiring
those lists that have counterparts on the @i.a.o project site.
(1-2) have to do with lists for the Apache ooo project.  There are now ooo-dev@i.a.o, ooo-ooo-users@i.a.o,
and ooo-commits@i.a.o (commit messages from the project SVN repository)

 3. The future disposition of all current @OO.o list archives and of lists that do not have
suitable counterparts @i.a.o is to-be-determined.


 3. It is not definite what will happen with @OO.o in the future, although the Apache Software
Foundation is being given possession of the OO.o domain names.  The extent to which the form
and content of an operating @Oo.o site will be preserved and adjusted to tie to development
@i.a.o is not worked out.   Further migration beyond any initial cut-over is also to-be-determined.

 4. Although preservation and gradual migration of static content is technically straightforward,
there is more difficulty with dynamic and interactive services: wikis, issue trackers, forums,
mailing lists and their archive interfaces, mail forwarding and registrations, administrative
functions, and more I probably have missed.


 5. The bugzilla has been migrated and we have confirmed that the history has been preserved.
 The bugzilla at oo.o has been made read-only.  Instructions on how to sign up on the migrated
bugzilla at <> will be posted to lists on oo.o.


 6. Migration of the forums and the wiki is underway.  This is being done on test servers
to confirm that the content is preserved and the services are operating properly.  Cutting
over to the new hostings for the wiki and forums is not defined yet.  We don't know for certain
whether we will come up in place of the current ones or provide a period of parallel operation,
perhaps with the current ones frozen in read-only state.  Administrative changes and possible
need for users to re-register are also not resolved.  My impression is that we need to engage
more discussion at oo.o on how this is progressing, what staging options are, and how to minimize


 7. For anything I haven't mentioned, it is likely that we have no determination at this point.
 One major concern is the availability of volunteers to handle preservation and maintenance
of mailing lists, especially for native-language support.  It appears that oo.o is already
short-handed in that regard, and we seem to have fewer available among those contributors
on the Apache ooo project.  We need to work together on that.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mike Scott [] 
Sent: Saturday, September 03, 2011 08:13
Subject: fate of OOo list archives

On 03/09/11 16:08, David B Teague sr wrote:
> On 9/3/2011 3:10 AM, Mike Scott wrote:
>> On 03/09/2011 01:49, Rob Weir wrote:
>> ....
>>> If you want more details on how the users list will work, I'd
>>> recommend you start a thread over there, since this
>>> list is soon going to disappear. As one of the list moderators, I'd
>>> be happy to answer any questions you might have.
>> Such as the fate of the OOo list archives - I'd not like to see them
>> lost. Are they being retained and moved over?
> I echo Rob's concern on the fate of the archives of the OOo lists, and
> express the hope that they will be retained somehow.
> --David Teague
> Double Bass in Fifths Tuning
> Obligato Strings for Fifths Tuning my favorite to date.

I asked the above on the 'old' OOo users list. Better placed here, perhaps.

So, will the old OOo list archives be kept or lost, please?

Mike Scott
Harlow, Essex, England

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