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Xiao Ting Xiao [QA][Call-For-Review] Bug 120811 - [testgui] open & save sample files via gui Wed, 05 Sep, 02:27
Li Feng Wang [QA][Call For Review] Bug 120794 - [testuno]Presentation Chart Properties Thu, 06 Sep, 10:30
Shan Zhu [QA CALLFORREVIEW]More Utility methods for spreadsheet chart, test cases for cell and chart created. Fri, 07 Sep, 06:03
Scott Porting excel to open office calc Sat, 08 Sep, 14:32
Regina Henschel Re: Porting excel to open office calc Sat, 08 Sep, 18:57
The Klinger's open office3.4.1 Sun, 09 Sep, 03:07
Andrea Pescetti Re: open office3.4.1 Sun, 09 Sep, 13:16
YangTerry [QA CALLFORREV​IEW] [testuno]Bug 120966 -[testUNO patch]Subtotal function, First Group.Second Group and Third Group Fri, 14 Sep, 06:08
Li Feng Wang [QA][Call-For-Review] Bug 120955- [testuno]test scripts about text box properties in Impress Fri, 14 Sep, 07:11
liu ping [QA CALLFORREV​IEW] [testgui]C​heck AnimationEmphasis E​ffects in SD by GUI Fri, 14 Sep, 08:18
Shan Zhu [QA CALLFORREVIEW] Chart utility method refined, and test cases test cases for Chart title, DataLabel, Grid, Trendline, MeanValue, Y Error Bar added. Fri, 14 Sep, 10:06
Jürgen Schmidt Re: [QA] Quality of bug reports and QA in bugzilla Wed, 19 Sep, 12:09
YangTerry [QA CALLFORREVIEW] Bug 121108 - [testUNO patch]validity test script include Criterial/Error Alert/Input Help Wed, 26 Sep, 08:15
Patrons "Anchor to......" in ooo writer Sat, 29 Sep, 13:35
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