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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Porting excel to open office calc
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2012 18:57:35 GMT
Hi Scott,

this is a special list for quality assistance, e.g. developing tests.

The correct mailing list for questions is

Scott schrieb:
> I have always used microsoft in the past so all my docs are in this
> format. How do I convert existing word and more important excel docs
> to open office format please.

There are at least three ways to do it.

(1) Start OpenOffice. Then click on 'Open' and use the file manager to 
reach your document. Or use--as common for most applications-- the menu 
File > Open. After you have opened it, use File > 'Save as' and save it 
do the ODF format.

You can do a batch conversion. Start OpenOffice, then menu File > 
Wizards > Document Converter.

Right click the file icon in the file manager. From that context menu 
use the item "open with".

  I have looked in your forums etc and
> cannot find any information on how to do this.

What keywords do you have used?

> When I click on the excel file it prompts me to purchase microsoft
> office which I should not need to do if I have open office

Clicking a file icon is not the only way to open a file.

You might want to look at the instructions of your operating system. 
They should tell you how to alter association between the file name 
extension and application.

> Look forward to hearing from you very shortly.

We are no business support, but volunteers. We are helping others in our 
spare time. Please keep that in mind.

Kind regards

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