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From Zhe Liu <>
Subject Re: First experiences with VLCAuto
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 02:13:00 GMT
Hi Rob,
Thanks for your comments.  It's very useful for us to improve the GUI testing.

2012/8/8 Rob Weir <>:
> I finally found time to experiment with VLCAuto [1].  I did this on a
> Windows XP virtual machine.  Overall it worked well.  I was able to
> run the smoketest and build verification tests.  Only one failure
> reported, in testSlideShow.
> Some quick comments that might help improve the documentation,
> especially for new users.
> Setup.
> 1. There are two missing steps here, a pre-requisite to install:
> A. JDK 6
> B. Download AOO source code
> 2. For importing the projects, I was not able to import both
> testcommon and testgui at the same time.  I had to import one, click
> finish, then repeat with the other project.  The instructions seem to
> say these are done in one step.

Do you select the parent directory of testcommon & testgui as root directory?
If that, you can import the both in one step. It's time to make the
guide more detail.

> 3. When you download JUnit you need to rename the JAR file.
> 4. For the openoffice.home parameter, it would be good to give the
> text as a string in the instructions, so it can be copied to the
> clipboard.  Also, have it for Windows and Mac as well.  For Windos I
> had to put it in quotes, e.g., -Dopenoffice.home="C:\Program
> Files\ 3\program"

Good suggestion. PS, If your AOO is installed in the default
directory, the parameter is not required.

> 5. Running the tests triggered a few Windows Firewall errors.  I had
> to explicitly allow Eclipse and OpenOffice to communicate over the
> port for the tests to run.
> Test case definitions
> 1. I see a lot of hardcoded sleep statements, 1 second, 2 seconds,
> sometimes 3 seconds.   Are we going to run into problems with
> different processor speeds?  Would it be better to refer to a
> constant, like WAIT.Short, WAIT.Medium, WAIT.Long, so it can be
> redefined in one place if the tests are run on a much slower (or
> faster) test machine?
> 2. Calls like app.dispatch("private:factory/simpress?slot=6686") --
> How would a QA test writer know this?  It seems like a very low level
> of detail that should be abstracted and hidden someplace.
> [1]
> Regards,
> -Rob

Best Regards

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