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From Zhe Liu <>
Subject Re: [QA AUTOMATION][Proposal]Suggest to group definition of UI Controls in
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2012 07:49:36 GMT
2012/7/9 Shan Zhu <>:
> Hi, all
> In VCLAuto, we define the UI controls used in our script in
> Now, there is a long disordered list of UI controls, which will continue to
> grow up.
> For readability, I propose to group the definition of controls by Editor
> and dialogs.
> 1. Put the definition of controls in same editor together, with a comment
> line at the front to declare the editor name.
> 2. Put the definition of controls in same dialog together, with a comment
> line to declare the dialog name.
>     It would be better that if the sequence of the definition for a dialog
> could  following the UI arrangement in dialog.
> For example,
> // Spreadsheet: "Select Sheets" dialog
> public static final VclDialog SCSelectSheetsDlg =
> dialog(".uno:SelectTables");
> ...
> // Spreasheet: "Sort" dialog
> ...
> Moreover,  suggest to add definition for other controls in one dialog, even
> you've used few of them in your script writing.
> And, a basic rule for variable name definition is needed, if necessary.

Generally, you should use test assistant plugin to edit UIMap class.
That plugin is more friendly.   Indeed we need naming convention.
Simply,  name dialog and its child UI controls like:

You can use outline view to view them in order.  If you really want
the control definitions in order, use Eclipse->Source->Sort Members.

> Regards,
> Shan Zhu

Best Regards

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