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From Reizinger Zoltán <>
Subject Re: [VCL Test Assistant] results copy?
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 09:08:41 GMT
2012.06.27. 10:05 keltezéssel, Linyi Li írta:
> Thanks Jurgen. I updated the wiki,
> Zoltan, you can find the screenshot there.
It is clearer, but if I try to follow it my next barrier is the name.
What to do when "Name" is empty?
See my screen shots: AOO Base main window and the VCL Explorer window:
If I doubleclick on any item, no copy to the
How can I add name?
What is the common rules for naming?


> To Zhe, If I made some mistake in the wiki, pls tell me.
> 2012/6/27 Reizinger Zoltán <>
>> 2012.06.27. 9:04 keltezéssel, Linyi Li írta:
>>   Hi  Zoltan,
>>> When I used vcl test assistant, I used it to get the control's ID.
>>> First, drag the gray circle to controls that I want to use and then
>>> release
>>> the button. See the attachment "fucus on controls.png".
>>> Second, left double click on the "Name" column of the control I want to
>>> use, then add a name to the control. See attachment "add control.png",
>>> control .uno:Open.
>>> After the two steps you will find a UI control defined automatically in
>>> the
>>> last line of
>>> (%EclipseWorkspaceDir%\test\**testscript\src\testlib\UIMap.**java)
>>> Then I can use the control by the name I defined instead of using control
>>> ID.
>>> As you mentioned you want to save the HID result. Would you pls descirbe
>>> your requirement detailedly? Then I think we can add these functions to
>>> the
>>> vcl test assistant.
>> To make some clearer.
>> My thought is that, when creating new script, the steps:
>> 1. I first needs all control description from whole AOO window or a and
>> HID details, to make a clear picture where to start.
>> For example the AOO control center, or Base main window.
>> 2. Next needs for example the wizards all steps all options details.
>> For example, the creation new database table wizard and four steps in the
>> wizard with all options.
>> 3. When I figured out the picture, needs details for each control, to
>> create script.
>> You can send me in the PM the screenshots.
>> Thanks,
>> Zoltan
>>> 2012/6/27 Zhe Liu <>
>>>   Hi Zoltan,
>>>> What's your exact requirement?
>>>> Which items do you want? What format do you hope the data saved?
>>>> I will implement it asap.
>>>> 2012/6/27 Reizinger Zoltán <>:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I try to use VCL Test Assistant, inside Eclipse.
>>>>> I want to save the inspection HID result, to text file.
>>>>> I can not copy the result by mouse, or CTRL+C.
>>>>> How can I proceed?
>>>>> Zoltan
>>>> --
>>>> Best Regards
>>>>   From

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