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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: 2 bugs with/for 3.4.0
Date Sun, 20 May 2012 14:08:00 GMT
On 16/05/2012 Bernt Christandl wrote:
> ->  Bug 1:
>     With 3.4.0 there exists the same bug that existed with 3.3.0
>     (and libreoffice-3.5.0) but NOT with 3.2.1
>     that OpenOffice will not start if an environment variable DATA
>     (4 capital letters) exists, but only display an error-message.

Honestly I can't reproduce it. At least, the following works for me:
$ export DATA=12345
$ ./soffice

> ->  Bug 2:
>     I did not find a way to make the "File" ->  "Exit" work.
>     What happens is this: The Office-Window disappears,
>     but the prompt in my terminal-window does not reappear.
>     I need to cancel it with Ctrl_C...

Probably the quickstart is still keeping the process alive (I can 
reproduce it). But if you disable it in the options, the process will 
return correctly.

> ->  An inconvenience:
>     3.4.0 starts many seconds slower

Definitely strange, all reports so far go in the other direction. You 
may try renaming your ~/ directory and restarting, to 
see if you get better performance with a clean profile.


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