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From Bernt Christandl <...@MPA-Garching.MPG.DE>
Subject 2 bugs with/for 3.4.0
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 08:32:22 GMT


I don't really understand, why it should be impossible
to re-join with LibreOffice, after Oracle is out again
and why the wheel should need to be re-invented... 

Nevertheless here are my 2 bits from the installation of 3.4.0:

We use a self-made Linux and OpenAFS where many old versions
of ...Office did run successfully.

-> Bug 1:
   With 3.4.0 there exists the same bug that existed with 3.3.0
   (and libreoffice-3.5.0) but NOT with 3.2.1
   that OpenOffice will not start if an environment variable DATA
   (4 capital letters) exists, but only display an error-message.
   (This bug is gone with libreoffice-3.5.3 again)

-> Bug 2:
   I did not find a way to make the "File" -> "Exit" work.
   What happens is this: The Office-Window disappears,
   but the prompt in my terminal-window does not reappear.
   I need to cancel it with Ctrl_C...

-> An inconvenience:
   3.4.0 starts many seconds slower than libreoffice...

All in all, as a dumb user only, I can't really see reasons 
why I should use both office-suites 
(or favor OpenOffice over LibreOffice... :(


Bernt Christandl

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