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From Alexandro Colorado <>
Subject New marketing content
Date Sat, 20 Oct 2012 18:10:05 GMT
I have been looking at the ex marketing project website and some of
the content, and start looking on things to update. Mailing list
address, > Apache OpenOffice references and some of the
wording that it has been written in the past, I want to put some of
the current content and how can we improve or rewrite it's key

--- Marketing project Why?

The Apache OpenOffice Community

The Apache OpenOffice Community consists of thousands of people who
have joined one of our Projects and design, develop, maintain,
translate, test, document, support, promote, or in any other way help
us bring Apache OpenOffice to the world.
 OpenOffice Products and Services

OpenOffice's best known Product is the OpenOffice office productivity
suite, available in a hundred or so languages on all major computing
platforms. We also supply extensions, which add extra functions to the
productivity suite. In addition, we are a source of high-quality
office software components for systems developers to use in their own
products. We have a particular expertise in ODF components (for
processing documents in the ISO approved Open Document Format).

--- Marketing Project Who?
Project Leads

Project Leads are responsible for running the central activities such
as maintaining a library of English-language marketing materials;
recruitment of and liaison with MarCons; recruiting and encouraging
new project members; liaison with other Community projects and the
Community Council; central media relations and issuing Press Releases.

Marketing Contacts (MarCons) are responsible for participating in
creating central resources and then adapting them to their own
specialist geographies/markets. They act as liaison between the
Marketing Project and any Native Language Projects key to their areas.
For a list of MarCons, see here.
 Project Members

Project Members are full participants in marketing discussion groups
and on-line activities and are the front line troops in Project
activities. Project Members may work either on central (Project Lead)
or local (MarCon) marketing activities and are the fundamental
resource for the promotion of Apache OpenOffice. More people start
using Apache OpenOffice as a result of a personal recommendation than
by any other route. People with specialist marketing skills such as
market research, competitor intelligence, graphics, copywriting,
translating, etc. are particularly welcomed.

--- Marketing project Where?
There are a number of resources available on this site:
- Artwork: web buttons, web_banners, posters, logos, screenshots, etc.
- Product Flyers to print and distribute
- Product reviews and Awards to quote
- What people are saying about the release of Apache OpenOffice 3
- Lists of  Major users and what they are doing with Apache OpenOffice
- The Product Release Schedule - what's planned for when
- Materials (usually in draft) on the wiki
- Our library of presentations and other stuff
- Our Planet of the latest news and opinions from members' blogs. The
Planet also displays a running total of Bouncer downloads for the
current version of Apache OpenOffice

For more information, or advice on how to use these, please contact
your local MarCon or post a message on the dev list.


Some of the things I think we should rethink is the marketing
structure regarding "Marcons", "Project leads", "Community Council"
and other things that no longer exist. Then again, the area in point
"who", "where", "why" still does. Some thoughts, should we talk about
the Apache Way, PPMC, Apache Foundation structure? Who exactly is
currently involved in Marketing activities? Events, event materials,
resources etc?

So lets try to put some fresh content, and see if we can get the site
functioning again.


Alexandro Colorado
PPMC Apache OpenOffice

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