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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Marketing events
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2012 15:21:49 GMT
Some general comments on a great thread:

- The mission of the ASF is to provide software for the public good; we 
do this by providing a home for like-minded community & consensus driven 
projects that choose to follow the Apache Way.  As a non-profit, there 
are a limited number of specific costs that we will spend our funding 
directly on.  This is a significant difference from how the former OOo 
project was run by Sun/Oracle.

One important and key difference is that the ASF does not directly fund 
project development.  Work on Apache projects is done by volunteers - at 
least from the ASF perspective.  [1]

- The ASF does have a Conferences Committee and a Travel Assistance 
Committee, which do have budgets.  The primary purpose of these is to 
either fund small events, or selected individuals to attend events.  In 
both cases, a primary purpose for providing funding is to increase the 
pool of active contributors to our projects.  I.e. this funding is 
typically focused on ways that can increase the number and quality of 
volunteers who are willing to do the work on our projects.

I definitely understand that these points are quite different from the 
OOo past, especially in the fact that much of the ASF focus is on 
contributors (who may become committers), and not pure end users.

I can definitely see space for some outside organization(s) to work on 
more evangelizing of AOO, especially providing training and support. 
Plenty of other Apache projects have groups of commercial companies 
doing exactly this, usually quite happily.  The one difference in most 
cases is they're typically focused on business customers - i.e. the 
CIO/CTO or VP, Engineering of companies using Apache projects.  That is 
a little different from AOO, which has many more individuals and pure 
end users.

There does need to be a clear respect for branding between the ASF/AOO 
and outside organizations.  But there are plenty of examples from other 
Apache projects where the outside organizations can show their support 
without stepping over the line.  We can work on that topic, once some 
folks have some more specific plans they want to implement.

- Shane

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