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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: If OpenOffice is the solution, what is the problem?
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2012 23:20:32 GMT
On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 11:14 AM, Shenfeng Liu <> wrote:
> Rob,
>   I added one desktop cloud scenario. It was from my previous Symphony
> support experience, and I believe it also works for OpenOffice.

Hi Simon,

What do you mean by "desktop cloud deployment"?

There are at least two cloud use cases for AOO:

1) Multi-user remote installations, like Citrix, or more recently rollApp

2) Running AOO as service in the cloud, to do things like document conversions.

Was your idea one of these?  Or something else?

(I just added another use case based on a user who send us a thank you
on Twitter)


> - Simon
> 2012/7/10 Rob Weir <>
>> I've started a new page on the wiki:
>> This is not urgent, but over the next couple of weeks I'd like to
>> build up a list of problems that OpenOffice solves.  I'd like to think
>> of it from the perspective of the individual or organization that has
>> a problem that OpenOffice solves.  Let's try to understand what their
>> problem is, how OpenOffice helps solve that problem, but also how they
>> would find out about OpenOffice.
>> Obviously ever user and every organization is unique with their own
>> special concerns.  But there are commonalities, and identifying the
>> common patterns grouping them is a core marketing task.
>> This is a multi-step initiative:
>> 1) Identify the segments and their needs
>> 2) Identify the keywords they would use to search for a solution
>> 3) Measure how well our existing website serves the kinds of queries
>> these segments have
>> 4) Add additional material to the website to address any gaps
>> 5) Repeat from step 3 until results are good.
>> I'll make faster progress on this with more hands, so if this kind of
>> methodical optimization appeals to you, I'd welcome anyone who wants
>> to volunteer to help.  Right now, the best place to help is adding
>> content to this wiki page:
>> In general, let's think outside of the box, beyond our traditional
>> open source user base.  Think boldly.  Who are the users we don't have
>> that we should have?  Knowing only the users we already have won't
>> lead to growth, since open source enthusiasts procreate so slowly.
>> Regards,
>> -Rob

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