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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Some keyword analysis for the website
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 21:48:12 GMT
On Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 5:20 PM, Louis Suárez-Potts <> wrote:
> On 2012-07-05, at 16:00 , Rob Weir wrote:
>> One other thing that has evolved since the early 2000's.  The website
>> itself is considered to be very important according to Google, with a
>> "PageRank" of 8.  So if we get the right content on the website, it is
>> magnified by this high PageRank.
>> -Rob
> Thus do we involve ourselves in SEO?

You could call it that, certainly.   Or you could call it "web site

More people come to the website via google searches than come from
typing in "" directly, or follow links to us from
other websites.  In fact over half of our traffic comes from search.
So a large part of making the website work well for users is to make
it work well for users who come via search queries.

> The only problem we used to have with OOo was that, for purely fiendish reasons, the
last thing we'd want would come first—paid-for links on the right, but also top results
that often had little to do with what we wanted people to find.

Were these unwanted pages on the OOo website?  Or external sites?

> Around 2004 or so a donor gave us 50K for Google AdWords. I spent a lot of time creating
these, putting them up, monitoring, etc. The result, as I reported then was, again, hardly

Let's see where things stand today.  From my English language test, it
looks very good.  We're placing #1 on most of the relevant queries.
We're #2 on a few, but that is still great.   The ones I'd be more
concerned with are the ones where we are not even on the first page.
So a most urgent case would be where the English query is #1 and the
translated query is not in the top 10.

> What sold among our primary audience then (note: "then")—and these were Windows users
more or less unfamiliar with open source and just wanting a free alternative to MS Office—was
word of mouth news that this a) existed and b) worked.

No doubt this is still influential.

> What caused spikes in downloads, I noted, was news reportage in larger (read more) venues.
For that reason, I kept a kind of spiky tone to press reports, etc.: got in the news. That
came to a halt with corporate evolutions, but while I was more independent, it worked wonders,
and put OOo in the news and resulted in more downloads more effectively than tweaking search

This is not an either/or question.  We should get good news stories
and ensure the website is optimized.

> One thing now to consider: where do our visitors come from? Say, arbitrarily speaking,
from Brazil. In that case, with fisl13 around the corner—and I'm presenting there on AOO(i),
among other things—It would be good to start a campaign on AOO in Brazil (for Brazil by
Brazil kind of thing)?

Of website visitors, by country, Brazil is #16.  (Top 5 are US,
Germany, Italy, Japan, France).

Within Brazil, the top visits come from:

1.	Sao Paulo
2.	Rio de Janeiro
3.	Rio Grande do Sul
4.	Minas Gerais
5.	Parana
6.	Santa Catarina
7.	Federal District
8.	Bahia
9.	Ceara
10.	Goias

But I agree that it would be good to get AOO known as a brand there.
They previously knew BrOffice more, right?


> louis
> PS fisl13 is huge. I'll be giving a presentation on AOO and ODF and the necessity of
these tools of free production for the present and future.

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