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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Some keyword analysis for the website
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 19:02:21 GMT
I was interested in how our website was performing against some common
search queries.  In particular I was thinking of users searching the
web in three general categories;

1) Users who wanted to do something immediately related to OpenOffice,
like download it, report a bug, solve a problem.

2) Users who were investigating.  They have heard about something
called 'OpenOffice" but wanted to learn more.

3) Users who never heard of OpenOffice but are looking for something a
free or open source office suite.

In general, with English-language queries, we did very well.  Some
areas did poorly, but in general we did very good.

Results are here in the wiki:

Why do we care?  Because more visitors equals more users.  And more
happy users means more recommendations.  And more users means more
potential small contributions to the project, like bug reports.  And
some small portion of those contributors may get even more involved.

I see it as a pyramid, where the base is users, and a subset of them
become casual contributors, and over time subset of them become
committers.    One way to grow the project we grow the base of the

** I could use help, if anyone can spare an hour **

These results are for English, per the search results that Google
gives to Americans.  I'd like to check the results in a few other
popular languages, like German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese,
Russian, Dutch, etc.  Since most of our website is in English, it is
quite possible that some of these queries might do very poorly.

So if anyone can help, please add a new column to the tables and enter
the results you get in Google.

Based on what we find, we can take actions, such as:

-- using some alternate keywords on some webpages

-- updating a prominent, but out of date page

-- adding a new page to the website to address a specific common query

- translate a good English page to create an NL equivalent.



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