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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Support to Open Office
Date Thu, 03 May 2012 19:50:11 GMT
On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 1:34 PM, "Lola Broadhead" <> wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> I am writing to you from the UK.  I am a user of the Open Office/Neo
> Office software and I provide bespoke financial modelling and
> spreadsheet training in the UK.

Hello Lola,

> I am a new Business, but I have been recommending OO and know of at
> least 15 people who have signed up and donated.  However I am now
> involved with a local government development agency and they are very
> interested in recommending this to business and converting themselves.


> So I have three enquiries for you ( I have tried to contact the media
> office but no one replied)

Hmmm... Could you let us know what contact information you tried to
use?  It would be good to know if we have some outdated information on

> Is there a best contact number/email for yourselves  for larger
> organisations, as the one I am working with would need 3000 licences?

OpenOffice is open source software.  So the license is free-of-charge
and does not require any additional contract or permission from us.

If the organization is using 3.3.0, then the license is
the LGPL:

And if they are using the new Apache OpenOffice 3.4 (which I would
recommend) then the license is the Apache 2.0 license:

> Is there an guide level of donation per license?

The Apache Software Foundation is a non-profit corporation with the
charter of publishing free software for the public.  We do not ask for
or expect per-license donations.   All of our work is done by a
community of volunteers, who do the coding, testing, documentation,
translations, website, marketing, etc.   We need volunteers more than

Of course we do welcome donations as well,  and information on this
can be found here:

> Also Is there a possible tie in with my business as I plug your
> product as a viable alternative to MOS, such as using your logo on my
> website if my content meets your standards

Our trademark policy is here:

Whether or not the logo could be used would depend on the overall
context of use.  If you have a specific proposal we can discuss more.

> Many Thanks for your time

A pleasure to help.



> Lola Broadhead
> Advanced Excel Specialist (MOS Expert)
> Bespoke Excel
> Mobile: 07585 482 514
> Tel:01226 385605
> Skype: bespokeexcel

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